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5 best destinations for the Winter Holidays

Tuesday - December 12, 2017

That’s right – it’s THAT time of the year once again ladies and gents! ‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly, ‘tis the season to be jolly!’, because winter holidays are literally here :D! Mulled wine, gingerbread and quality family time are just several things these holidays are about. But what if you wanted to travel during the Winter Holidays? Then no problem whatsoever – we’ve got you! We’ve thus put together a list with destination which we think are the best picks when it comes to spending the Winter Holidays someplace cool ?

Bavaria, Southern Germany

5 best destinations for the Winter HolidaysWondering why this is our number 1 pick? Well – obvious reasons. Germans do take Christmas REAALLY seriously. Even though the largest population segment in Germany is atheist, Christmas is indeed a big thing regardless of religion. The German Christmas Markets (and especially the Bavarian ones) have become trademarks – symbols of the Christmas day everywhere in the world. Typical products like gingerbread hearts, glazed nuts or mulled (hot) wine are just some of the festive products that make Christmas markets the perfect embodiment of the German Christmas spirit, in other words AWESOME!

Transylvania, Romania

5 best destinations for the Winter HolidaysSurprised why this is our second pick? Well, you shouldn’t be. Transylvania is (and has always been) a place of serendipity and personal finding. With its peaceful villages where traditions are still sacred, it hasn’t been touched so much by the urban revolution. So, if you’re looking for an extremely down-to-Earth Christmas deeply rooted in the rich, famous Romanian folklore, then Transylvania is definitely the answer. Oh and you can always visit the infamous Dracula’s Castle in Bran, just outside Brașov in the heart of Romania!

5 best destinations for the Winter Holidays


Ever experienced the phenomenon of ‘Aurora Borealis’ (the Northern Lights)? It’s marvellous! Could you think of a better way of spending your Winter Holidays than under the Scandinavian Northern Lights? That’s what I thought. Also, you could always visit Laponnia (or Lapland) and who knows? Maybe you will even find Santa Claus at home preparing the gifts for the nice children of the world ?

5 best destinations for the Winter Holidays

New York

Ever watched the ‘Home Alone’ Saga? You liked it, we know for sure, when Kevin gets lost in New York and at the end of the movie reunites with his mom by the famous Christmas Tree in Madison Square Garden. In other words, New York has that special, glamorous Christmassy feeling like no other place in the world. Definitely a top destination to spend your valuable Winter Holidays on the North American continent!

5 best destinations for the Winter HolidaysRio de Janeiro

And to spice up the list a little bit, there had to be a hot one there as well! Rio de Janeiro is an exotic, tropical paradise where it actually never snows. So if you’re looking for a hot Christmas, this is the best idea available ?. You may want to stay a bit longer, as at the beginning of February the famous Rio Carnival starts. Yes, you want to be part of that, as it’s among the oldest street carnivals in the world, going on for almost 3 centuries!

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The Study Abroad Portal team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Felices fiestas! ?