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Master’s comes from the Latin word Magister and refers to a second cycle degree given by a University or College. A Master’s degree demonstrates mastery of a specialized field of study or professional practice. A master can also be referred to as a post graduate degree. Students obtaining a Master’s degree will typically start searching for a job, start a company or perhaps continue their academic adventure with a PhD.

Study a Master abroad is a site where you can find many Master’s programs being presented in live or recorded university Online Open Days. If you are interested in doing your Master’s degree in Spain, Italy, China, Germany, the USA, France or any other foreign country then you have come to the right place.

If you wish there was a better way to investigate your study abroad options besides downloading and comparing brochures or spending a lot of time going to physical open days then look no further. In an Online Open Day organized by different universities, colleges and business schools will present themselves and what they have to offer to you, in a live interactive online session lasting about one hour.

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