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Why study in Austria?

Austria is elegant, aristocratic and beautiful. With is stunning nature and its cultural and historic richness and diversity, Austria attracts international students from all around the globe to its world-famous universities that rank very high at the international higher education rankings.

International students choose Austria for their studies abroad thanks to its perfect high-level location, its technologically advanced cities and its friendly people that make the country an excellent combination of the old and the new.

Offering high quality social standards and taking pride at its friendly green cities, such as the stylish capital, Vienna, the musical Strasbourg and the picturesque Innsbruck, Austria is also the ideal place for research students and PhD candidates that want to advance in the science field.

Top 3 reasons for studying in Austria

High life quality

Austria is considered as one of the 15 highest life quality worldwide that promotes sustainable development, green building construction and environmental policies of very high standards.  

Outdoor activities

Do you belong to the regular or exchange students that love nature and outdoor sports? Then Austria with its unlimited outdoor activities and winter sports choices is your perfect study abroad destination!

Financially beneficial

The tuition fees of most Austrian academic institutions are very low and thus affordable for both European and international students and considering the high quality of life, students can enjoy reasonable living costs.

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