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Why Study in Italy?

It´s a fact. Italy is on the top of the study abroad list of the international students. Why? Simply because Italy is so unique! From the north to south, from Milan to Palermo, Naples to Venice, and Rome to Florence, Italy is a country that keeps surprising us with its unique natural and cultural heritage.

A diverse landscape of active volcanoes, mountains and islands. An immense historical legacy. Iconic architectural sites. An incomparable cuisine and impressive history of inventions and discoveries. What else would you possibly ask to study at one of the country´s universities counting as one of world’s oldest and most prestigious?

The answer is nothing indeed, and thus thousands of students from all over the world decide to study their Bachelor’s, Master’s or MBA degree in the “Bel Paese”. Of course Italy´s schools have more to offer and you are invited to explore them all: PhD programs, executive and language courses, short courses, exchange programs, and so much more!

So, please take a minute to think about it: Do you really think that you can find something better than spending some time in Italy, studying, learning Italian and enjoying the taste of the life as you have never did before? If you´d like to consider it, join our Online Open Days and let us connect you with your future!

Top 3 reasons for studying in Italy

Live in style – discover pleasure

Italy is the country of arts, literature, architecture, fashion and the most passionate lifestyle that will let you see life from a different, more pleasure oriented, way that will allow you to enjoy its romantic aspects.

Travel all around Europe

Studying in Italy will not only give you the opportunity to experience its most amazing, world famous cities but it will also bring you in contact with its beautiful neighbours like Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Malta and Greece!

International environment

Italy is a broadly recognised education destination with a large number of academic institutions of great history and prestige, thus the country attracts the best talents from all over the world! Will you join them?