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Why study in Iceland?

The country of geysers has never opened its educational gates like it has now! A marvel of nature, Iceland is the place of completely giving yourself in to the beauty of Mother Earth, while still enjoying the buzz of the city. With non-existent university tuition fees, Iceland has been attracting thousands of foreign students, transforming the country into a multicultural mix!

No matter which city you wish to study in – Reykjavík, Akureyri, or Borgarnes – Icelandic university cities will never cease to surprise you with their tranquility, architecture and their welcoming atmosphere. Everyone speaks fluent English in Iceland, so don’t be afraid of the communication barrier!

So if you are an individual looking forward to be surprised by an amazing university experience, Iceland is THE place to go! So, check out our Online Open Days for the universities in Iceland! Always watch an upcoming webinar, but if none are available you should take a look at our recorded webinars addressing Icelandic universities! Check out our online open days from Icelandic universities.

Top 3 reasons for Studying in Iceland

No university tuition fees!
Education is a top priority in Iceland, which is why the Icelandic government offers everyone an equal chance by not imposing any student fees for higher education programs! However, that only happens in state-funded universities, which are good enough for any good quality program seeker.

Governmental loans for students
If that argument was not enough, check this out – Icelandic Government would even provide students with loans to cover their living expenses and school materials! All in for a nation of fully qualified professionals!

Beautiful nature!
Iceland’s landscapes are simply breathtaking and you should definitely visit those places in person!

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