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Why Fontys University of Applied Sciences – the equivalent of a successful career

Thursday - December 7, 2017

Good day respectable ladies and gents! How’s life treating you? I hope all is well, because I am going to need your full attention – I am going to make a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY! The Netherlands, right? A country known to many for tulips and vices, but have you heard of Fontys University of Applied Sciences? I am thus taking the liberty to tell you in this blog why one should study at Fontys University of Applied Sciences! Shall we?

Why Fontys University of Applied SciencesInternational campus(es)!

Fontys University of Applied Science is indeed an international university. Hosting more than 40,000 students of several dozen nationalities, the University prides itself with the international student talent pool – they are aware of the benefits people from different backgrounds can provide (for example people with various mindsets can think differently and offer other types of solutions for a problem). All three campuses in Southern Holland, basically the Tilburg-Eindhoven-Venlo axis are full of international students, so in a nutshell you’ll be surrounded by friends from all over the Globe ?

Why Fontys University of Applied SciencesFunding opportunities

In The Netherlands, they do care about students having an outstanding experience while they’re studying. They are aware that the most important resource that can develop an economy is the Human Resource, which why is the Dutch government really invests heavily in this aspect. There is financial aid available for students studying in any Dutch university, scholarships, grants and stipends. So what are you waiting for? ?

Study in ‘Brainport’!

Why Fontys University of Applied SciencesWhat’s Brainport? Good question! We did a bit of research, and apparently Brainport refers to ‘one of Europe’s leading technology regions, regarded worldwide as a center for innovation and high-tech. Centered in the city of Eindhoven in the Southeast Netherlands, Brainport creates solutions for the challenges facing society both today and tomorrow’ ( website). It is basically one of the most crucial research and innovation clusters in Europe, comprising the most important technical and science-related universities in The Netherlands. And Fontys University of Applied Sciences is precisely one of them. You might want to be part of the game ?

Education taken seriously

Exactly. Nelson Mandela once stated, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ and he is right. Apart from the overall student experience, the Dutch government invests a lot of money into attracting and retaining student talent from all over the World. That is why university facilities are extremely well-equipped and the teaching approach is more practical than theoretical. Main reasons why The Netherlands is a thriving nation.

Why Fontys University of Applied SciencesHumanistic degrees with a logical touch

Although the name suggests that only technical disciplines are taught at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, it’s not quite like that. The University also teaches Humanistic subjects, such as Arts, Communications, Marketing or Law. And yet, in nature, Fontys is a technical higher education institution, meaning that students get the best of both schools of thought – creativity and logic – in a perfect blend!

Online Open Days

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Still not convinced? Register now for our upcoming online open day that we’ve got for Fontys University of Applied Sciences and learn more about their Bachelor’s in Marketing Management!