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Why study in Finland?

As a study abroad destination Finland offers something very unique. International students will experience a country that has more forest and water than anywhere else in Europe. Its beautiful nature combined with its high-quality Universities makes Finland a real contender for any student who wishes to study away from home.

Taking your studies serious is always important, but a student should not forget to have fun and explore the country. Finland has over 188.000 lakes and is also the country in Europe with most northern lights. Spend your weekends getting to know Finland, go to the famous Finish sauna and go for a swim. Foreign students will never be bored in Finland.

Whether you are doing your bachelors, masters, PhD or taking a short course Finland might just be the perfect place for you. A lot of Finish universities also offer some type of scholarship so take a look at our many free online open days and get to know some of them. In the live online open day students can ask questions. If you don’t find a live online open day check out our many recorded ones.

Top 3 reasons for studying in Finland

It’s Clean

Finland is a very clean country and Helsinki has some of the cleanest tap water of any big city in the world!

The Nature

With hundreds of thousands of little lakesides cottages and over 3 million saunas the Finish people really embrace their beautiful nature. As a foreign student so would you.

The Finnish are friendly

Finish people are friendly and calm. They also like to have fun so your study abroad experience is guaranteed to be interesting.