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Why Study in Hungary?

Hungary takes great pride in its higher education institutions and so do the international students that choose both the capital, Budapest, and the rest of its historic cities to study, too. With low university fees, very reasonable cost of living and great opportunities of finding high-standard, and at the same time, affordable accommodation choices, Hungary invites students from all over the world to do their Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA and PhD degrees in the friendly and warm Hungarian environment.

Hungary is the country of amazing landscapes, fascinating history, thermal springs and great wine so you’ll never get bored, especially if you like good food and Christmas. Stay around during winter and you’ll be surprised by the rich Hungarian culture, the unique customs and the colourful traditions.

So, if you are looking for a unique study destination that will enrich both your life and your future career, check our Online Open Days and find out the right one for you. Let your future begin and Hungary inspire you with its history, its culture, its heritage and of course its academic excellence.


Top 3 reasons for studying in Hungary

Great accommodation choices
If you like it comfortable, Hungary is the right place for you as it offers affordable accommodation choices of high standards in very beautiful places that you couldn’t afford elsewhere.

World Ranking
The universities of Hungary rank very high thanks to the advanced research methods and the excellent teaching quality.

Captivating culture
With Romanian, Austrian, Transylvanian, Turkish and Roma influences, the Hungarian culture is very rich and interesting and it becomes even more captivating thanks to its hot outdoor baths that you can visit any time of the year.

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