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Study abroad in Belgium - Online Open Days

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Why Study in Belgium?

Open, intercultural and friendly, Belgium is located in the heart of Europe, speaks three languages and is the hub of international networking. Both the French and the Flemish parts take pride in their world-famous universities and international students are more than welcome.

So, if you are thinking for doing your Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA or PhD program in Belgium, don’t think twice: The high quality of life, the great chances of pursuing a promising career and of course all the fun that Belgium can offer you are three of the most convincing arguments.

In Belgium, you’ll learn a lot about the European history and you’ll be able to explore the whole Europe by train as pleasant break during your studying and researching time, so don’t hesitate: Find the right Online Open Day and go ahead: Register and start designing your future!

Top 3 reasons for studying in Belgium

Waffles, fries and chocolate
What else do you need for a great time abroad? Belgium is the world-champion in these three areas of delicacies so make sure that you’ll enjoy them all!

Wide choice of programs in affordable prices
Belgium’s universities are among the best in the world and offer a very large list of uniquely designed programs taught in Flemish, French and also in English of course.

Discover Europe
Affordable train and bus tickets and special student and weekend offers will give you the opportunity to explore both North and South Europe without spending a fortune for flights.