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Study abroad in Canada - Online Open Days

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Why Study in Canada?

Canada is the new dream land and we all know why! Open, friendly, sustainable and intercultural, Canada attracts international students from all the world. High caliber students choose Canada not only because they want to study their Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA or PhD program at a university or a business school that offers high academic and research standards but they also want to live in a country that respects itself in every social, cultural and academic aspect.

Are you one of those students? If so, you should definitely consider Canada for a lot of reasons: It’s a peaceful, politically stable and safe country that allows you to enjoy both nature and culture in a balanced way, the possibility of getting hired right after graduation is high and the chances of getting a scholarship for your studies are very good!

Is it a bit far away from home though to go and visit before you apply? Don´t worry! With an Online Open Day, you’ll be able to find out much more about the study programs and the student life in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta to make the right decision for your future!

Top 3 reasons for studying in Canada 

Amazing nature

Canada ranks very high in terms of natural landscapes and with its great number of national landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the country is literally breathtaking!

Easy visa process

Forget about the immigration bureaucracy struggle! Canada wants to have you as an international student and thus will make your life easier in accepting you.

High-tech country

Canada is a world leader in Information and Communications Technologies and has a great international reputation for high-tech excellence, so if you are interested in studying engineering, software technology or product design, you’ll be in very good hands.