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Study abroad in Hong Kong - Online Open Days

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Why Study in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong! Dynamic, industry leading and technologically advanced: Welcome to the ultimate twenty-first century success story! Are you thinking of doing your Bachelor’s, Master’s or MBA degree there? Then you should definitely go for it!

Why Hong Kong attracts so many international students interested in the great variety of the English taught study programs? It’s not only the iconic skyline, the legendary kitchen and the world’s 5th-fastest-growing ecosystem of start-ups, but the fact that Hong Kong, along with Silicon Valley, New York City, Singapore and Tokyo, is one of the top finance, technology and innovation hubs worldwide.

So, go ahead, if you are interested in enriching both your life and your CV by experiencing a bright new reality, take a look at our Online Open Days and find the right study program for you!

Top 3 reasons for studying in Hong Kong 

World beating Chinese education model

Hong Kong, enjoying the world-beating Chinese model education system, scores very high on the education field and the international students are becoming increasingly interested in engaging with the crème de la crème of the China world.  

English Speaking

You don’t speak Chinese? No worries, neither do we or the international exchange students in Hong Kong as the majority of the international programs are taught in English!

Between the West and the East

Intercultural communication is important so get ready to perfect your cross-cultural skills by taking advantage of the cultural mix benefits!

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