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Study abroad in Slovenia - Online Open Days

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Why study in Slovenia?

Ever wondered what student life is like on the ‘sunny side of the Alps’? It’s never been easier to be part of the international student community in one of the greenest, most beautiful countries in the world! Slovenia now welcomes its newcomers with more than decent living costs and internationally-recognized degrees!

No matter the student city you go to, whether it’s Ljubliana, Maribor, Celje or Koper, higiher education in Slovenia is very well regarded internationally. What’s more – 100% of the courses dedicated to international students are fully taught in English!

So if you seek a fulfilling academic experience with a Balkanic touch then Slovenia is definitely the answer! Have a look at our various Online Open Days offered by our Slovenian universities! Upcoming webinars are always the thing, however you may want to watch the recorded ones as well!

Top 3 reasons for Studying in Slovenia

Cleanest air in Central Europe!

With 75% of the country’s area being covered by woods – undefiled by human touch, Slovenia ranks among the greenest European countries, undoubtedly having the best quality of breathing air in Central Europe and amongst the best in world.

Affordable living costs

Slovenia is literally the best place to be a student. Amazing student accommodation conditions are available for around €100/month, while you can get massive student discounts almost everywhere (the students’ food is Government-subsidised!)

The relief!

Slovenia’s landscapes are absolutely stunning! Plus, everything is within driving distance – you can go swimming in the Adriatic and then skiing in the Alps in the same day!

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