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Study abroad in the Netherlands - Online Open Days

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Why study in the Netherlands?

Whether you are a foreign student in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Utrecht, The Hague, Leiden or one of the other nice cities in the Netherlands you are up for a nice time. Any oversees student here will experience a modern, open and advances society.

They say it was God that created the world but the Dutch that created Holland, and with about half of the country under water there is some truth to that. But don’t be scared dear foreign student. The Dutch are master dike builders so you are quite safe.

Want to study abroad in the Netherlands and experience what it’s like to do your homework at a café next to one of the many thousands of canals? Check out our upcoming online open days from universities in the Netherlands

Top 3 reasons for studying in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is modern

The Netherlands is a modern and quite liberal country. They are very much on the forefront of technology, open minded and free spirited. Any foreign student will feel welcome there.

The Netherlands is unique

There is something about all those canals, bridges and cobblestone roads. The word cozy comes to mind.

The Netherlands is fun

Cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Rotterdam and The Hague are simply great student cities. Students have many options for a good time ensuring your study abroad experience will be memorable.