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Why study in Singapore?

The Lion City has widely opened its gates to welcome all international students! With one of the highest living standards in the world, Singapore is a place of unification, peace and tolerance. Singapore thus offers newcomers a thriving economy and incredible job prospects in all areas which are simply for the grabbing!

Whichever university you’d go to, if it’s the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University or Management Development Institute of Singapore, Singaporean universities are relatively young, but they express a dynamic, forward-looking perspective towards teaching and training. Higher education is thus available in many international circulation languages, such as English and Chinese.

So if you are thrill-seeker looking for the university experience of your lifetime, then pack your bags and go to Singapore! Don’t be shy and take a look at our various Online Open Days offered by our Singaporean universities! Upcoming webinars are the best, freshest solution for you, but you might as well consider our recorded ones done for Singaporean universities!

Top 3 reasons for Studying in Singapore

Top International Business Hub!

With an economy that reaches new peaks every single year, Singapore is the easiest country in relation to the ease of doing business in the world! That means your degree really weighs a lot after having studied there.

Cleanest and safest city-country in the world!

Ranked as the Number 1 city country in the world with regards to safety, Singapore exceeds expectations when it comes to tolerance between people and lack of racism – the Government instates a law that says there should be equal percentages of all races living in all city districts. On top of that, Singapore is the 8th greenest and 6th cleanest city on the globe!

The weather

Ever fantasised of lying on the beach or taking a bath in the sea in the middle of December? It is possible in Singapore! As it almost touches the Equator, Singapore has amazing weather all year long which rarely goes below 30 degrees Celsius!