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Why Study in Israel?

The historically, culturally and religiously fascinating Israel is becoming very popular for the international students that are looking for high-quality education in a country that can offer them a life’s experience.

Israel offers a great variety of prestigious universities and programs and being influenced by the U.S. education model, the academic institutions guarantee top-notch research techniques and learning strategies. Both in the capital, Jerusalem, and the smaller cities, the facilities of the campuses are of excellent quality and the accommodation opportunities of high standards.

So, if you are looking for a unique study destination for your Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA or PhD degree, check our Online Open Days and find out the right one for you. Let your future begin and Israel surprise you with its history, its culture, its heritage and of course it cuisine.


Top 3 reasons for studying in Israel

Unique place
Israel, between the East and the West and in the middle of Europe, Asia and Africa, is a unique place that will let you develop yourself and grow in an almost mystical way.

The cuisine
A wonderful mix of the Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern diet, Israeli cuisine can be a young cuisine but its roots go back to thousands of years and will surprise you with its amazing taste.

Discover a new part of the world
Being an international student, you’ll be curious to do a bit of travelling next to your academic tasks and Middle East is a mysterious region that we are sure that you’d love to explore and discover.

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