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Why study in France?

As a student wanting to study abroad France is an option that cannot be avoided. France is a very popular study abroad destination only surpassed by a few other countries. A foreign student would get an interesting and culturally rich study abroad experience in this beautiful country.

French universities and business schools offer high level educations. Whether you do a Bachelors, Masters, MBA, PhD program or short course your CV is bound to look good and doors will open. Foreign students will experience a country proud of its rich culture and diverse nature. The French kitchen is known all over the world and lets not forget about the wine. France is simply unique and your study abroad experience will be one to remember.

Interested in studying abroad in France? Take a look at our many online open days where French universities and business schools make their case for why you should study abroad in France. If you cannot find a suitable upcoming live online open day then check out one of our many recorded webinars.

Top 3 reasons for studying in France

The culture

The French have a wonderful culture. In arts, architecture and music the French are a force to be reckoned with. When not studying the possibilities for a foreign student are virtually endless whether you are studying in Paris, Lille, Nantes or one of the many other beautiful cities

The food

The French kitchen is probably amongst the most exquisite in the world. They simply know how to cook. Even the local cafes will not disappoint you when you are having in bite to eat in between class.

The people

There is a bit of a misconception in the world that the French are rude. This is not the case. The French approach everything with a refreshing directness which means you always know where you have them because they speak their mind. As a foreign student in France you will learn to appreciate these proud people.