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Why study in Lithuania?

Lithuania, the bridge between two cultures – Eastern and Western Europe – is finally an open oyster for all international students! Exhibiting more than decent living costs, Lithuania is the next big thing with regards to international education. Lithuania provides its students an outstanding educational offer, offer that derives into amazing employment opportunities throughout all academic fields.

Regardless the university you will go to, whether it’s Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University or Vytautas Magnus University, there is a certain vibe about Lithuanian universities. Outstandingly breaking the Ex-Soviet ideology barrier, they are forward-thinking and currently focusing a lot on innovation. More than half of the available courses are available in English.

Are you for a study abroad adventure? Don’t think twice because Lithuania is definitely the answer to that question! Take a peek at our various Online Open Days accessible from our Lithuanian universities! Upcoming webinars are the best, freshest solution for you, but you might as well consider our recorded ones done for Lithuanian universities!

Top 3 reasons for Studying in Lithuania

Really decent tuition fees!

With an average course price of €2,000 per year, Lithuania’s education is among the best value for money systems in the world! Everything is super affordable, from lunch out (€5 on an average) to accommodation (ranging from €90 to €150 for a room per month), making the country a financial paradise for international students.

EU-accredited higher education

Part of the European Union for 15 years now, Lithuanian education system is supervised, monitored and accredited by the European Union. What does that mean to the alumnus? It means employment ‘doors’ open all over Europe for anyone. Also, the chance to participate in the Erasmus+ student exchange scheme for studies and work placements!

Fast internet!

Lithuania has one of the fastest internet connection speeds in Europe! So enjoy browsing!

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