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Study abroad in Romania - Online Open Days

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Why study in Romania?

The country of count Dracula has never been a better option for studying! Still hardly touched by the global cultural revolution, Romania is still a place of personal finding and serendipity. At the same time, with full European Union and European Economic Area (EU + EEA) rights, Romania offers affordable tuition fees and living costs – yours for the taking!

Be it Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara or Lasi, Romanian university cities full of rich academic heritage welcome students from all over the world with programs in many international languages such as English, French, German and even Hungarian!

If you are amongst the students seeking the ultimate European university experience, then Romania is definitely the answer, so check our various Online Open Days offered by our Romanian universities! Always go for an upcoming webinar, however you might as well take a peek at our recorded webinars addressing Romanian universities!

Top 3 reasons for Studying in Romania

Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe!

Ranking in the top 10 globally in number of certified IT specialists (95,000) and with Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania becoming a hub for tech startups you most likely won’t be jobless after having studied there!

European Accredited Degrees

All degrees obtained from a Romanian university are based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), so if you decide to change countries after university you won’t have to go through the hassle of equivalating your studies in your new country.


Romanian culture caters for any type of individual’s needs. Whether you are a calm person who feels great surrounded by nature, then visiting Romania’s rural life is the thing for you, as you can experience the return to the origins and 100% bio, organic, tasty and freshly harvested from the garden food! On the other hand, if you like partying, Balkan-like Romanian parties will most likely make your studies there a lifetime experience!

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