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How do you learn? With all the AI hype/ impact, it will completely change!

Friday - March 17, 2023

This question made me research Learning and Education (myths!*) and putting it in context of AI: * . For example:

– Why should we bother learning if the answer is on the internet? Interesting assumption especially relevant with AI (conclusion below).

– there is a great difference between the way someone says he/she prefers to learn and the way that they actually learn better (similar to what people like to eat is not always what is good for them)

– you learn 70% informally (i.e. experiences) and just 30% through formal education (sorry University contacts ;0)

– the left part of the brain is ‘rational’ and right is more ‘creative’ is a myth as we actually need to use both parts of the brain for creative and rational tasks (see conclusion)

– below picture is mainly added as visuals attract more attention and show research shows that we are more inclined to believe something with a picture 😀

My (own) conclusion: in context of AI it will completely change how and what we learn, but more focus will be on developing both a rational mind (for input) and on soft skills to work and interpret outcomes (and provide the ´human touch´).

What are your comments, and how do you see learning changes?

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