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Are you interested in studying abroad? However, are just not sure where to go? Therefore in this post, I will tell you, why you should not stop reading because this might be your best study choice yet!

If you are interested in studying abroad, the Netherlands is definitely one place to consider! See this webinar on benefits, scholarships and housing from VU Amsterdam

Besides viewing the Online Open Days that are available from various Dutch institutions, the simple answer is: why not? As the Netherlands offers it all!

In any case we invite you to join the webinar to learn more details here.

Here are already 5 reasons to choose the Netherlands as your next place to study abroad:

  1. Great level of English
  2. Central location
  3. High level of education
  4. Unique cuisine
  5. Open minded culture

These are just a few things the Netherlands has to offer you. Apart from the very open minded culture, the Dutch people might surprise you as well.

In addition, on an equally important note.. student life will not disappoint. Offering countless shops, bars, clubs. With cities like Amsterdam hosting ADE every year and countless festival opportunities, studying in the Netherlands will not be boring.

With their great level of English, central location and in addition, a unique cuisine. The Netherlands really is the place to be!

Finally, are you still interested? Then check out these free Online Open Days that are available from various Dutch institutions, and provide background information on their study programmes, benefits, scholarships, housing etc.

Check out their Online Open Days on our Portal and we hope that helps you to discover the benefits of why to study in the Netherlands!