Mälardalen University

A very important pillar of Swedish higher education, Mälardalen University is an institution backed up by almost half a century of teaching and training know-how. Based in the city of Västerås in Southern Sweden (1 hour drive from the mythical capital city of Stockholm), Mälardalen University’s campus is located in the midpoint of the city.

Mälardalen University’s curriculum

Mälardalen University is the place where like-minded individuals gather with only one purpose in mind – to develop themselves towards the future. Thus, with a strong focus on Master’s education (although also offering two Bachelor’s programs in Analytical Finance and International Business Management), Mälardalen University brings unique degrees to the table in the fields of Healthcare, Humanities, Sustainable Technologies and Engineering.

What are my employment prospects with Mälardalen University?

Mälardalen University maintains close cooperation processes with the private and public sectors, which is the precursor of a highly stable and robust network of employers or charities. That only means alumni graduating from Mälardalen University not only do they not struggle to find a great job after graduation, but employers also do head-hunting during their studies – brilliant employment opportunities.

‘Did you know’ fact about Mälardalen University

Mälardalen University is situated in Västerås, the city hosting the biggest inland harbour in all Scandinavia!

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