Fudan University

Established more a century ago, Fudan University is one of the oldest, most renowned public academic institutions in China. It has an enormous campus laid out in the heart of the Oriental Pearl city of Shanghai, all premises measuring more than 2,44 square kilometres in surface!

Fudan University’s curriculum

Fudan University has amazingly contributed in its over one century activity towards developing knowledge and talent and via its innovations in science and technology ultimately towards bettering the society. It has accomplished that by employing qualified staff to facilitate unique courses for all levels of education in topics that vary from Museum Curation, Macromolecular Science, Microelectronics to Philosophy and much more!

What are my employment prospects with Fudan University?

Fudan University’s main teaching values revolve around being hard working, rigorous, result-oriented, and innovative. Through the teaching and training models utilised, these values and outstandingly passed onto the graduates, making them attractive to employers on the international labour market – in other words Fudan University is producing global graduates ready to be the industry leaders of tomorrow.

‘Did you know’ fact about Fudan University

Fudan University is situated in Shanghai, the world’s largest city with regards to the number of inhabitants – 24 million souls!

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