Located in the heart of French culture – central Paris’s 3rd Arrondisement, Epitech is the largest French higher education institution specialized in Information Technology. With the main campus just miles away from the mythical La Seine River splitting Paris in two halves, Epitech is one the most important institutions specialized in IT in the whole Europe.

Epitech’s curriculum

Epitech offers its international palette of students an exquisite joint 5-year program. It is split into a 3-year Bachelor’s program and a 2-year Master’s program with the title of ‘Expert in Information Technology’. The thing that makes Epitech really special is the fact that it teaches predominantly practical classes instead of theoretical ones – a key aspect in such a hands-on industry lie IT.

What are my employment prospects with Epitech?

With over 25 years of focused IT teaching and traning heritage, Epitech has become a top notch academic institution. With extraordinary employment statistics such as 100% employment rate for graduates and 96% of them finding permanent contract opportunities paying top-level salaries. Thus Epitech degrees are the pathways to working in key management positions in major European and international companies.

‘Did you know’ fact about Epitech

Epitech has no more than 12 campuses spread out throughout France, one in the Balkans in Tirana, Albania and one in the Catalan capital city of Barcelona!


Does your life revolve around Information Technology? Then look no further – take a peek at our online open days for Epitech!