English UK

English UK is the national body of English language institutions that are accredited by the British Council throughout the United Kingdom. Headquartered in the marvellous centre of London – the posh City of London neighbourhood, English UK’s offices overlook London’s skyline and are within walking distance towards the infamous Thames River.

English UK’s area of operation

Aiming to promote and support the world’s leading English language destination, English UK run regular rigorous inspections to ensure the highest level of quality of English teaching. These inspections don’t only revolve around teaching, but also around resources, management and student welfare.

What are my employment prospects with English UK?

English UK is an always-expanding institution, meaning that they are always looking for specialised, talented people. So if you are seeking a position within an institution to advance the education of international students in the English language, English UK is the one for you!

‘Did you know’ fact about English UK

English language teaching (ELT) generates around £1.2 billion in export earnings for the UK annually!


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