EIT Digital Master School

Founded as a joint program among the most reputed European technical universities, EIT Digital Master School is the graduate school of EIT Digital – an educational initiative to aid alumni adapt easier to the world of digital enterprises. It has multiple teaching centres in major cities all around Europe, however the corporate offices are situated in Brussels, Belgium.

EIT Digital Master School’s curriculum

EIT Digital Master School employs a forward-thinking teaching model, one that blends together theory with real-life creative and analytical applications. Research is a great part of the teaching methods employed, students being actively immersed in hands-on practical projects to be able to develop or perfect their innovation skills.

What are my employment prospects with the EIT Digital Master School?

EIT Digital Master School is a crème de la crème graduate institution that augments its graduates’ job prospects. Its courses are designed to guarantee a broad perspective with regards to career paths, at the same time making alumni more versatile to jobs in relevant industry, research domain or education.

‘Did you know’ fact about EIT Digital Master School

EIT Digital Master School is headquartered in Brussels, the city that hosts the biggest chocolate selling point in the world – Brussels’ International Airport!

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