You are different. So are we: Trinity College’s MBA

Friday - May 23, 2014

The Trinity MBA is an invigorating, transformative and intensive journey.

The Trinity MBA provides a 360° overview of senior and executive leadership cored on agile management, entrepreneurship, and an international viewpoint. Their programme is focused on a holistic access to management and leadership that sets the Trinity MBA apart. Nevertheless, what really makes the Trinity MBA Programme onliest is the folks that go through it. Their small class size means that each gather develops its own class culture building upon members’ professional and national diversity which ensures a rich and dynamic  learning atmosphere. This characteristic has earned the Trinity MBA a prestige for being a well integrated and united programme with strong camaraderie and a great sense of fun.


The Trinity MBA journey is personal and transformational and produces a global network of leaders who remain in contact throughout their career through their earthly alumni network. Maybe you will sit with some of them in the Trinity College’s Library?

The most distinguished peculiarity of the Trinity MBA is their Integrative Management Practic module. Students, graduates and employers continuously notarize it as a much-valued stamp of the programme. Through direct interaction with senior executives in social entrepreneurship organisations, high potential start-ups, SMEs and blue chip multinational companies, MBA candidates integrate theoretical coursework with action learning based on strategic issues in live organisations.

The Social Entrepreneurship Project exposes students to a scheme of entrepreneurship that demands the harnessing of innovative business processes to meet social needs. Generating profit is key in business, but profits aren’t always about money. Students enjoy a mutual learning relationship with the Social Entrepreneurs, by assisting them in addressing an organisational issue, while being afforded a valuable lucky chance to apply your strategic management skills with an NGO or social enterprise. Problem solving on a shoestring is a very useful discipline for students to master before advancing to their next project.

The SME Growth Project Group consulting teams are partnered with fast moving SMEs currently experiencing a bottleneck problem preventing them from scaling their international growth. Students must analyse the problem -in consultation with the company CEO and senior executives -identify a resolution and detail its implementation within a deadline. Actual commercial value added is the litmus test of success on this intense project. However, students also have to sharpen a number of skills including: managing direct and indirect client expectations as well as honing project and time management capabilities in a high-pressure environment. It marks the culmination of formal learning, leadership reflection and knowledge application, setting the Trinity MBA apart as a global leader in this project based approach to MBA design and delivery.

Year on year their partner companies are overwhelmed with the intensity of effort and quality of work delivered by their MBA teams, so much so that they request to take part repeatedly, and have become a common recruitment channel for their students. Will be some of these companies your next professional step?

More reasons: Would you like to get involved with the European Comission and Parliament?

This unique and innovative strand of their programme – ‘Integrative Management Practice – is gradually phased in during the second term for the full-time class and second year for the part-time class, becoming the central focus of the programme as you near completion. All Students also complete a European Residency Week at the 400 year old Leuven Institute in Belgium in their third term. This experience is specifically focused on the development of negotiation skills, cross border management and understanding global and regional drivers of change. As part of the week candidates will spend time in the European Commission and Parliament.

For more information about this 2 year’s MBA full-time or part-time you can JOIN the WEBINAR.

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