Would you like to specialize in Sports Management?

Wednesday - November 18, 2015

Football clubs pay millions and millions for new players, and prices for sports media rights are skyrocketing. Big companies such as Red Bull invest huge sums into Formula 1, hockey, extreme sports and, much to the regret of many traditionalists, into football clubs. Fact is: Today, sports and business are inseparably interwoven. Or to put it more bluntly: Sports has become a business.

That implies: The sports industry is professionalizing. As Professor Dr. Josef Hackforth said: this calls for specialists in sports management, not only in the clubs but also in the companies which, mostly via sponsoring, are closely connected to sports or in whose business model sports is an integral component.

If you feel passion for sports, on the 27th of August connect to the Johan Cruyff Institute and start orienting your career towards the sports industry.

The Johan Cruyff Institute brings you a webinar on training in sports management. Their online Master in Sports Management has obtained second place in the world ranking of educational programmes published by the prestigious SportBusiness International Magazine.

The webinar, scheduled for the 10th of December worldwide, will give you the opportunity to get to know the institution in depth and to interact with Mariel Koerhuis, Institutional Relations Manager, and Victor Jordan, Director of e-Learning, who will be able solve all your doubts about the contents of the programme, how can it contribute to your career as a sports industry professional and what doors can it open if you want to work in this sector.

The Sports Management programme at the Johan Cruyff Institute is a 12-month programme, the content is 100% oriented to the sports industry and all teachers are professionals who combine teaching with their professional activity.

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