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Wonder what a resume should look like today? Find out here

Thursday - September 30, 2021

A resume is a key that can get you your desired job. This document is your representation in front of the hiring manager. Now you must know that the first impression should be very powerful on the minds of HR, which today is possible with the help of an attractive resume. Looks matter a lot when it comes to creating a powerful resume.

If you don’t know how to create a powerful and inviting resume, you should read this article. In this article, we have discussed how your resume should look like in today’s times!

Features of a good looking resume that you should focus on!

Here are some of the features of a good-looking resume that you should religiously consider while creating yours.

●     Resume should have a good font style

A resume is based on textual information, and so you have to make sure that the textual presentation is up to the mark. You can make a good impression on the mind of the recruiter by simply improvising your font style. The best way to highlight your resume in front of the recruiter is by making it easy to read. The hiring team would only be interested in your resume if it has an elegant, clear, and formal font style. The font size on the resume should not be more than 10 and 12 pt. Also, know that consistency is very important in a resume. After selecting the font style, you have to stick to it in the whole document.

●     The resume should be evenly margined on all sides

Another important feature related to the look of the resume is optimizing the resume margins. We have seen many newbie applicants play with their resume margins to make them funky. Well, you must understand that a resume is an utmost professional document. So you have to make sure it is well-aligned. The resume margins should be the same on all sides, and the ideal size should be one inch from the borders. You can also check resume margin examples by using resume builder online tools.

●     The resume should have consistent line spacing

Now another important element related to the outlook of a resume is the line spacing. The spaces between each line on the resume should be single or 1.15 in all sections. Uneven line spacing can ruin the look of the resume and can give an unprofessional outlook. You might not have to worry about the line spacing of the resume if you are using resume templates offered by online resume maker tools.

●     The resume should have highlighted section headings

Your resume should speak for its contents. By highlighting all the sections in the resume, you can easily attract the recruiter to go through your details. You can highlight sections by making the headings of the sections slightly bigger than the rest of the text. You can also write the headings in all CAPS. You can take an idea of optimizing the headings by seeing the resume templates using free resume builder tools.

●     Leave enough white space on the resume

If you are using a resume builder tool to make your resume, you would see that all of the templates offered by these tools would have enough blank or white space. Stuffing the resume with unnecessary information and overloading it with text will piss off the recruiter. This is why you need to provide a breathing space to the viewer with the help of white space.

●     Never add graphic content in resumes

Today things have become much more advanced. Recruiters would first scan your resume with the ATS scanning system to check whether the doc has the information that aligns with their requirements. Adding images can fail the ATS scan and can get your resume rejected. So you should never add images or photos to your resume.

●     Keep the resume to one page

The ideal-looking resume is the one that is based on only one page. A single-page resume interests the recruiter most, and so you should make your resume doc clear, straightforward, and relevant to the job you are applying for. Single page resume is best for newbie applicants or the ones who have a few years of experience. A highly experienced applicant can use a two-page resume to highlight their work experience and skills. A resume builder tool can suggest the ideal page length and template that can cater to your personal and professional details.

What are the elements of a standard resume template?

While creating a resume from scratch or using a resume builder tool, you have to make sure that you focus on adding all the important elements. We have listed the elements of a standard template in the order you have to list them in the CV.

  1. First comes the resume heading, which would include your personal contact information.
  2. Then comes the summary of your qualifications or a well-written career objective.
  3. After that, you have to list out your work experience under a proper heading.
  4. After work experience, you can tell them about your education in detail.
  5. After education comes professional and personal skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for.
  6. In the extra sections, you can add awards, certifications, and interests!

After reading this article, you will know how a professional resume looks and how you can create one for your job application.

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