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Are you doubting or considering to study at the Oulu University, one of the world’s top universities? Today I’m going to tell you why you should get a degree at the well-known OULU University!

Let’s start with a short introduction… The University of OULU is located up north in Finland. With its broad faculties, this university offers various innovative study programs such as:

The OULU university is ranked in the top 400 universities in the world which makes it one of the world’s leading universities.

1. A boost for your CV

Getting your degree at one of the highly ranked universities means that you will be a forerunner. In fact, by studying at Oulu University, you will be provided with an exceptional environment for learning and innovating through their high-quality research. Moreover, you will have the experience and knowledge which will set you apart from others in the international competition.

oulu university building

2. Location

OULU is perfectly located in northern Europe, close to all Arctic destinations and centre to the rest of Finland. Additionally, OULU is a very lively city as it is one of the largest cities in Finland. With its low crime rate, it makes it a safe city where students feel comfortable travelling during day and night.

With its amazing location, safety as well as urban culture, it makes it a perfect destination for any student!

main street of oulu in finland

3. Active student life

Another reason to study at OULU University is that they organize cultural and recreational events in order to encourage the students to have an active student lifestyle. The students are involved in different activities such as sports, arts, parties and other events. That way, every student can expand their network and meet new people from all over the world.

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4. Affordable housing for students

As a student, we all know how difficult it is to make money, but we know how easy it is to spend it. Therefore, affordable housing will enable you to save some money. The Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland PSOAS offers about 5000 students’ non-expensive rooms. You can choose for a studio-, shared-, or even as big as a family-sized-apartment.

5. Finland’s Environment

Finland is known for its pure nature, peace and space. There is only a little distance from the university to the forest and the waters which allows you to escape to a stress-free and calm environment when needed. There you can relax after a productive day at the university and take your mind off while enjoying the environment. The cool weather and calm atmosphere will help you to get at ease and find peace from, for example, the stressful exam days.

6. Faculties

The University has more faculties than an average university. OULU University has a big library, offers health and medical care, multiple restaurants, a fitness centre, IT as well as tutoring support and easy access to transport. It is safe to say that the necessary things are close within reach! There is no need for you to search much further…

oulu students at the library

Now that I listed the reasons on why to study at the University of OULU, what are you waiting for?! Do you need more convincing or information?

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