With the upcoming European elections this week, the European Union is currently in the centre of attention in the world. Which gives us an opportunity to tell you why Europe is great, and specifically: why studying in Europe is great! Let us rank the following top five European countries where to study!

5.  France


France, the biggest country in the European Union, has so much to offer. Next to being an attractive choice for tourists because of the wonderful monuments, culture and cuisine, it also an attractive choice for international students. Tuition fees are very low compared to other countries. Depending on the choice of your university, tuition varies between €150 and €700. Scholarships from the French government are also widely available for students depending on their specific needs. 37,5% of the current students in France receive a scholarship by the French government.

4. Denmark


Denmark is a popular choice for European students, since universities are tuition free for European citizens. The Danish government also offers a monthly scholarship to students in the country, which makes it a very attractive option to study in Denmark.

3. Republic of Ireland


Irish pubs are already common around the world, so how about visiting a real Irish pub in Ireland! Being in the top ten countries of High Development Index, education is well organized in Éire (Ireland in Irish).

Education in Ireland is free at all levels for citizens of the European Union, with student service fees up to €2500 to cover registrations, examinations, insurance and registration costs.

2. the Netherlands


The country of the famous beer, cheese, the orange colour associated with football and something else a lot of people visit Amsterdam for. With a population of 16,8 million people and an area of 41,543 square kilometers, it is one of the most dense populated countries in the world. This does not mean the Netherlands, or Holland how it sometimes is wrongly named, is small thinking. Dutch universities have one of the lowest tuition fees in the world with an attractive scholarship offered by the Dutch government.

Tuition fees at Dutch universities at Bachelor level is by Dutch law at this moment less than €2000. The scholarship offered by the Dutch government includes a public transport card where you can travel the country for free for a limited time (depends on your scholarship). Combine that with good quality education, and there you have it: the Netherlands could be your ideal country to study.

1. United Kingdom


The United Kingdom, with the spoken language being English and the highest ranking universities in the world, is the most attractive choice to study for international students. Studying at a British universities looks good at your resume and opens a lot of job opportunities.