Why studying in Finland is a unique opportunity

Tuesday - September 5, 2017

Studying in Finland is a very enriching experience that brings you to a very different and special culture. Learning their customs makes you expand your knowledge and help you grow as a person, gain independence, self-confidence and you will have an important plus for your resume. Expand your perspective and get familiar with the programs offered by the universities of Finland and all the advantages of studying in a country as spectacular as Finland.

The quality of education

Being able to experience live one of the best and prestigious educational systems worldwide is the greatest opportunity that someone can receive in their lives – academically speaking. Year after year, Finland holds the top of the podium in the PISA reports.

What is the key to Finnish educational success?

Why study in FinlandFinland leaves behind the traditional methodologies to give way to an innovative pedagogy, in which creativity, experimentation and collaboration are fostered over memorization. Education is personalized and competition is avoided.

The Finnish teachers are very qualified and are close to you at all times. They encourage participation by working in groups and away from unidirectional classes and creating a dynamic classroom environment. They must be in a constant process of knowledge updating, because this is required by the State, also benefitting from advice from other teachers with more experience. All this, they have the necessary tools to renew their teaching methods and attract the attention of students. The figure of the professor receives a great appreciation on the part of the Finnish society and is one of the most respected professions in the country.

The Finnish Universities

Why studying in FinlandChoosing a good university for your training is very important and one of the important factors for your future which you can highlight in your curriculum a as good institution. Finnish universities receive students from all over the world and boast of prestige, academic excellence and state-of-the-art technology.

A general rule in any Finnish faculty is student support. Prioritizing your academic challenges will become the goal of your tutor, organizing a well-prepared curriculum and facilitating any kind of help. Also at the Universities offer sports activities for students such as ballet, climbing, yoga, kayaking, deep skiing and many more.

Student organizations

Why studying in FinlandIn Finland there are many very active student organizations that offer activities also for foreign students. They are experts in organizing cultural activities, sporting events, parties and trips. You just have to aim at what interests you most and you will be in the right place to meet people and make new friends!

Language in Finland

Why studying in FinlandAlthough in Finland the official languages are Swedish and Finnish, it is one of the non-Anglo-Saxon countries where English is best spoken. The population has a level of this language much higher than the average in all Europe and the Finnish teachers who teach in English have an excellent level, some classes even being given by native teachers.

Opportunity to see the world

Why studying in FinlandTake advantage of your stay in Finland to visit amazing places! Finland is the land of a thousand lakes – gleaming blue lakes dominate the landscape. It also has huge green forests just 30 minutes from any town or city, where you can breathe one of the purest airs.

Blend with nature in its purest form! Live your own fairy tale touring the snowy landscapes of Lapland by sleigh, visiting Santa Claus and discovering the aurora borealis. You can finish the day in a sauna, in Finland they are everywhere as it is part of their culture. 99% of Finns go to the sauna at least once a week.


Online Open Days

Do you want to study in Finland? Well, do not go anywhere, we’re here to help you! Check out the webinars that we have for example for the University of Oulu or University of Haaga-Helia and be surprised!

P.S.: Thank you very much Carme Tutusaus, our Spanish blog editor, for providing such inspiring ideas! For all you Spanish speakers out there, don’t be shy and check out her blog about studying in Finland too!