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Why study in Rome – the ‘Eternal City’!

Friday - April 13, 2018

‘All roads lead to Rome’ used to be THE saying back in the day… but don’t you wonder why? It’s because for more than 3,000 years Rome has been one of the most advanced cities on the planet, an international hub of commerce, technology and culture. In this blog, I’ve taken the liberty to praise this marvel of ancient times and to basically highlight the benefits of studying there. So let’s get the party started about why study in Rome, shall we? ?

Historic, millennial heritage!

Why study in RomeThe first official historic attestation of Rome is around 750 B.C., dating back basically to it as being the first Roman Kingdom. It obviously goes without saying that the collection of antiques, monuments and artefacts is just off the carts amazing! If you’re an architecture, archaeology or even geology aficionado, Rome is THE place for you to be. Plus, The Vatican – the most sacred place on Earth for the Catholic world – is also there to contribute towards the richness of the place ?

Why study in RomeThe Gastronomy!!!

This section doesn’t really need an introduction. Italian gastronomy? It’s worldwide known for its amazing components such as pizza, lasagne, calzone, pasta… however, the typical ones that have marvellous Rome as a home are the Carbonara, Grisa and Amatriciana pasta sauces and can be enjoyed in the countless Italian bistros and cafes all around the city!

Why study in RomeNightlife

Which leads us to the next section – nightlife. It is called ‘La Città Eterna’ (the Eternal City) for a reason! Rome has that kind of vibe… it’s like a mother who’s raised millions of children over the generations, warm and welcoming. Losing yourself on the narrow streets of the ‘Urbs Aeterna’ at night is just… BLISSFUL. Not to mention all the events and activities destined for international students… just give it a try and you will find out!

Why study in RomeAffordable

For its prestige that it’s created over the centuries, Rome is a relatively inexpensive city compared to other European capitals. With €400, you can find a really decent student room not too far from the university. A public transportation ticket would cost you €1.50 and a regular coffee should not exceed €1.20. The overall impression that it gives is that Rome is an affordable city, making it a perfect study abroad destination!

Why study in RomeOutstanding education

And that is reinforced by the fact that is hosts not only some of the most prestigious, but also some of the longest-serving higher academic institutions not only in Italy and Europe, but in the whole world! And here, I am talking about Sapienza Università di Roma,  Università Roma Tre, or Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – research universities training Italy’s bright minds for decades!

Online Open Days

The Study Abroad Portal really recommends Rome as a study abroad location if you’re looking for the ultimate student experience of your lifetime! If you are passionate about Diplomacy, you can register for our online open day on behalf of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore to become a student in their exquisite Master’s in Cultural and Digital Diplomacy!