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Why study Material Science and Nanotechnology?

Friday - December 18, 2020

Nanotechnology refers to a broad range of areas of science and technology: it is the science of the very very very small. It means working on a scale of nano-metres. Working in nanotechnology means working with physics, chemistry, biology and engineering.

Nanotechnology include the application of skills in computer technology, healthcare, sustainability, etc.

So why should a Masters programme in Nanotechnology and Material Science an excellent choice of study?

  • Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing field, so by studying in a Master in Nanotechnology you will be develop the skills needed to excel and be able to work in one of the fastest growing occupations.
  • Nanotechnology and Materials Science is an interesting and multi-disciplinary area to study, where you will be working with physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry. Making it a varied and stimulating experience.
  • There are lots of jobs in the area of nanotechnology and materials science. Since there is a shortage of qualified professionals in technological-based fields, by studying a specific program in the field you will be able to apply to jobs all over the world. Studying materials science and nanotechnology can lead to an international career, as it is a key aspect of most companies the world over.

master in nanotechnology

Any one who has a physics, chemistry, mathematics background and that is eager to study is the field of Nanotechnology and Material Science, should consider studying a Materials Science and Nanotechnology in Linköping University.

For more information about this programme, register to a Free Online informative session taking place on January 12th 2021.