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Why study an MBA in Asia – the hottest question of the decade

Monday - September 4, 2017

Asia… the land of the oldest civilizations on Earth, civilizations who have shaped the world significantly throughout centuries and have helped the whole world with its discoveries. Nowadays Asia is taking over the world with its foreign export policies and implicitly its booming economy.

Education and especially business-related higher education degrees are skyrocketing as well, making Asia a hotspot for international students and graduates that come to study where business has moved – EAST. So it’s time to ask the REAL question here – why study an MBA in Asia? We’ve put together some powerful arguments towards answering that question, so let’s check them out ?

Go where the action happens!

Why study your MBA in AsiaAnd for sure – that is Asia! Since Asian economy is on the rise, the markets allow both local Asian companies and international ones to enter Asian markets and perform their activities there. In other words – JOBS! All those companies are looking for qualified talent, so what can differentiate YOURSELF from the rest of the crowd better than an MBA at the root of the action?

Decently priced MBA’s!

Why study your MBA in AsiaAnd we mean it! Since everything is pretty much made and manufactured in Asia, everything is so much cheaper than if you were to do your MBA on other continents such as Europe or North America. And not just the tuition fees are lower – living costs are significantly decreased in comparison to any of the other continents. What’s more, salaries in Asia are quite high after having studied your MBA there, so overall it will be a good return-on-investment for your pocket!

The Asian market is completely capital

Why study your MBA in AsiaLong gone are the days when Asia used to be a closed continent and no one could do business there at all. Asian countries are more and more open to do business on a global scale nowadays more than ever, knowing they have a lot to offer to the world as well as taking back. And that process is called international commerce ?.

Prove you can manage things outside your comfort zone

Why study your MBA in Asia‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ says a modern saying. So does studying your MBA in Asia. And employers (not just the Asian ones) love that! They love to see that you can manage the process of studying your MBA in a place where you don’t speak the language nor you are accustomed to the culture, so big thumbs up for you!

Don’t like Asian universities? We’ve got you covered!

Why study your MBA in AsiaReluctant about doing your MBA in an Asian university of business school? Well, no worries, because a lot of Western higher education institutions have recently opened campuses in Asian countries too. Which can prove to be a real advantage, because upon graduation you will get to have a degree from a prestigious Western business school, however by taking a glimpse of the culture of the Asian country you get to live in will significantly increase your employability ‘cred’ ?

Online Open Days

Asia is not the next big thing, it is happening here and now. Your MBA in Asia could be the catapult towards your dream executive career, so, as always, we’re happy to assist you! Come on, don’t be shy and check out our MBA at Singapore Management University!