Why studying in the Netherlands can prove to be the best move for your career

Friday - August 11, 2017

The Netherlands… the land of the tulips… what a beautiful country that is! Picturesque landscapes, amazing cities, magnificent welfare and for the love of God – Gouda cheese!! There are a lot of great things happening in this North-Western European country with regards to people’s lives in the country voted the 6th happiest in the whole world!

And one of those things is education – higher education in particular. So let us walk through the list of reasons that explain why studying in the Netherlands can prove to be the best move for your career. Vamos!

why study in The NetherlandsDecently priced higher education!

We believe everyone should have unrestrained access to education. And the Netherlands does exactly that – it allows international students to pursue their higher education degrees without ripping them off.  With affordable higher education tuition fees starting from around €2,000 per academic year (and €6,000 for non-EU students), The Netherlands is definitely the place to go for great value for money higher education. That happens thanks to the Dutch Government which subsidizes a great deal of students’ tuition fees, so hip-hip-hooray Dutch Government!

why study in The NetherlandsMembership, leadership… SCHOLARSHIP!

Aand the honey-word in the mind of any prospective student – SCHOLARSHIP – has come on stage! Yes, there are many scholarship schemes available for international students who are willing to spend their student years in The Netherlands. While many universities have their own individual scholarship schemes (also supported by the Government), they two most important national scholarships programs are the Erasmus+ program (which can allow eligible students to study for free in The Netherlands), and the Netherlands Fellowship Program (designed for highly motivated young professionals with work experience).

why study in The NetherlandsState of the art university facilities

We know you’re wondering, but no – that is no U.F.O, it’s just the DOT, a futuristic venue located in Groningen where students from all over the world come to relax, eat or socialise. But universities modern facilities don’t really let the guard down – they equally compete with this type of venues to be most modern and innovative campus in The Netherlands. Not only with regards to facilities, but also in terms of teaching methods and support offered to students, making The Netherlands a one of kind higher education provider.

International awareness!

why study in The NetherlandsStudying in another country presents many benefits for international students. The most obvious and crucial one – increased global awareness about the world. Being part of the international community is an experience that shapes you into a person that views the world in a different way. Thus, by being part of the Dutch multicultural academic environment (containing no more than 100 thousand international students), that is exactly is going to happen!

Amazing travel opportunities

As a Central-European country, The Netherlands is considered one of the main gateways to Europe! Why? Because from The Netherlands you can travel pretty much everywhere on the Old Continent. With companies like Interrail for trains (which offers huge student discounts) or Ryanair, travelling has never been so easy and cheap!

Online Open Days

We know you want whatever is best for you when it comes to education. That is why you are in the right place right here and right now, as we collaborate with a lot of academic institutions for studying in The Netherlands. With Eindhoven University of Technology or Leiden University as large higher education providers, you are more than welcome to check out our upcoming webinars page to see what else is on offer to study in the Netherlands!