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I amsterdam

Thousands of young people are flocking to Amsterdam, but what for??

Some of you may already have an idea, but your instincts may prove you wrong!

Although Amsterdam is commonly known as the “Weed capital of the world”, this beautiful city has become one of the most popular cities in world for international students to study in.

The Netherlands (also commonly known as ‘Holland’) is well known for their cultural diversity and openness to new international developments, which is also deeply incorporated into their education system. Appropriately, these are often set at standards by employers around the world with which they recruit students. This fact makes students graduating from Dutch Universities high profile candidates who meet their standards and can instantly open up your international career opportunities.

So what makes Amsterdam a great place to study?

For a number of you, future job opportunities is a major factor which will heavily influence yours StudyAbroad decision. Most courses in the Netherlands require you to complete an internship for 5 months or 11 months. Internships are essential components for a professional degree around the world and provide students with valuable experience which recruiters are looking for in candidates. Along with this, Dutch education system understands the need to work in groups and incorporate group projects as an essential part  of almost every study program.

In addition to this, many of the Dutch Universities have programs which are Internationally Recognized and work in collaboration with other leading Universities and Business schools from around the world.

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Furthermore, Amsterdam attracts 1000’s of other international students who undertake a full-time study program in the capital city. During this time you share common experiences and are able to develop not only interpersonal skills but also inter-cultural skills. This allows you learn how to deal with cultural differences in a natural manner and with the globalization of major industries this characteristic has also become a vitally important for employers.

Some of the other reason international students choose to study in Amsterdam is the sheer amount of activities to do in the city. Find a few things to do in Amsterdam.

“Amsterdam is filled with things to do and see all year round.  Visit internationally renowned museums, explore the markets and quirky boutiques or simply unwind with a visit to one of the many parks. Amsterdam’s nightlife is equally varied with clubs, bars, concert venues and fine-dining options.”

On behalf of StudyAbroad Webinars, we understand that acquiring the right information to make your decision to study abroad requires immense time, effort and dedication. Universities often don’t publish information related to the availability of support services, financial aids students can apply for, and the job opportunities once you graduate, and thus makes it difficult for students such as yourself to make the best StudyAbroad decision.

If you wish to receive more information which will help you in your decision to StudyAbroad, feel free to join our upcoming StudyAbroad webinars. These online information sessions are held in collaboration with some these universities and provide you the opportunity to interact with Universities and Business schools around the world.

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We strongly believe that You only should be where you want to be! Our aim is to help you with that by providing you with the necessary information to StudyAbroad.

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