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Why EVERYONE should consider becoming a COMPUTER SCIENCE Expert!

Thursday - April 24, 2014

Growing demand for Computer Science Students in Business and Research fields!

The level of employment for computer scientists is expected to increase 19 percent from now until 2020 and this increase correlates directly with the demand for college graduates with a degree in this field“.

If you are reading this then you are indeed lucky as we have are providing you the opportunity to learn more about obtaining a TOP LEVEL MASTERS DEGREE in a central European institute for Computer Science!

What to expect at VU Amsterdam:

Graduates from VU in Computer Science programmes are trained to become the very best in their field and taught to develop a variety of problem solving skills. All these attributes make their students highly sought after in both Business and Research communities.

Their aim is to build experts and leaders in the field of Computer Science. Courses and lectures are administered by only the top professors in the field who are dedicated to making this vision a reality. Below are some more reasons you should come study at VU University Amsterdam!

About Amsterdam:

Other than being one of the most popular European cities to visit and to study, Amsterdam is also a European hub for Computer Science. The high-ranking Masters programmes in Computer Science at VU University Amsterdam are known worldwide for their excellence in both student support and career opportunities.

In addition to this, professors at VU publish textbooks used all over the world on subjects ranging from Systems and Security, to Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems. This establish a strong connection between the current theoretical knowledge taught and the practicality needed to succeed in an international occupation.

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  • Why Amsterdam is the best place to study Computer Science
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  • Current areas of interest in Computer Science
  • Matching your interests to our programmes
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