The Dynamic Duo – why education and research should go together

Thursday - July 27, 2017

The gap has always been there… professors teaching students theory only for them to memorize it with no real-world application. At the same time also – practitioners and researchers aiming for the stars, however with no theoretical basis in mind. So it’s about time we closed this gap and explained why education and research cannot exist one without the other!


An A+ for education!

A Latin proverb as old as the world says ‘Non scholae sed vitae discimus’ – ‘We do not learn for school but for life’. So in other words, a good general knowledge about the world can help a person’s awareness level increase, meaning they can be of a better service towards the betterment of society. Thus the theoretical background is indeed important in order to make the world grow. And education plays a significant role in all that, as it is the precursor of having an enlightened population and society – one that can achieve great things for our species!


R is for Research!

Innovation is probably one of the most spoken words in the world these days. As we live in the century of speed and things are moving extremely quick, researchers are stepping up their game in terms of research and development. Research is what has moved, moves and will always move the world forward. It is for sure the crucial bit, integrated within all discoveries, inventions and practical things that will ever be created. Research is what makes our lives comfortable and easy, so we all should give it up for all people spending their whole lives in laboratories taking humankind to new peaks!


The Dynamic Duo blend – Education and Research

But unfortunately, too often and too many educational systems in this world lack the practical side, be it because of the lack of funds, the culture, etc. Also, in some parts of the world research is conducted without a clear vision rooted in theory. That is anything but beneficial for our species, for obvious reasons – waste of valuable resources which could be used differently.

However, there is hope! And what a better example to illustrate that education and science can perfectly work together than the recent article ‘Researchers Demonstrate New Firewall That Protects Cellphones From Security Threat‘? In a nutshell, the researchers (Research) from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Education) have come up with a unique, ground-breaking firewall program which provides a missing layer of security for Android cellphones and screens against malicious programs trying to harm them. So here you have it – the flawless mixture between education and research!


Online Open Days

What a coincidence though! Thanks to The Study Abroad Portal, now you can have a direct access to the prestigious Ben-Gurion University of the Negev! How? Through the webinar which is available here!

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