Why Dublin is the place to study your Master!

Tuesday - October 10, 2023

Why should you consider to start your study abroad in Dublin: Dublin is modern, multicultural, but above all, Dublin is truly Irish. As the Irish are very proud of their own identity this is definitely to be found back in Dublin. 

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and definitely 2020 approved, nevertheless Dublin also has numerous beautiful monumental buildings and art. Dublin is the largest and most metropolitan city in Ireland, with an amazing reputation for being safe to roam around for tourists Dublin is ranked very high amongst city trips as well. 

If there is one city that can surprise you with bars and pubs on every corner it is definitely Dublin. As you will not have a dull moment on your study abroad here. As the people speak English it is also the perfect place to practice and excel your English level. 

Master opportunities

Whilst having a booming social life as a student is off course very important, one of the top Universities in Ireland, and Dublin, is University College Dublin. It is ranked amongst the top 1% of higher institutes worldwide. Which will 100% look good on your resumé, after all, you are in charge of your own future. Not only is it one of the most beautiful Universities in the world, with your study experience at Trinity College you will stand out no matter what. And don’t we all want that for our future? 

Luckily for you, The Study Abroad Portal teamed up with University College Dublin by delivering a Webinar about their Master programs for new international students! As they offer Master programs related to Business, Marketing and Management & much more, UCD is definitely the place to be! 

In order for you to find the master program that is suited for you, UCD has put together a FREE and ON DEMAND webinar for you to watch and find out more about their available master-programs, admission deadlines, tuition fees, admission requirements and much more! 

So don´t miss out and reserve your spot to watch the free interactive webinar!