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We´ve said it a hundred times. Studying abroad in Europe is one of the best things you can do. Not only you will have a better-looking CV, but you will be more all-rounded and knowledgeable. But did you ever wonder why Americans love Europe to Study Abroad? First of all, choosing where to study in Europe is also a challenge. You might know Europe with the stereotype of being the land of “temperamental people” and “movies in which nothing happens”.

But Europe is full of surprises and opportunities: There are more than 25 different countries in Europe, and they are all very different and rich in history and costumes. Therefore, we are presenting this fun and stereotypical guide. Take it lightly and with humor but choose wisely: there are many destinations that you can select from!


Probably, one of the first countries that people think about when referring to Europe. France is known for good taste and style, which of course shows in its cuisine, fashion and classical music. This country is also known for social and political activity. This might be why French sometimes are portrayed with the stereotype of being “whiny”. If you look at recent past events, like “la defense” and “yellow vests”, it is clear that France is full of active and cooperative citizens. Enjoy the lovely views of Paris, Rennes, Lyon, or Nice, and even the sunny south coast of Marseille while you Study Abroad.


Italy has a personality of its own but is known to battle France in cooking and fashion. It has a dryer climate, however, and is completely different. Surrounded by coast and fields of wheat, its art and history have earned worldwide respect as a destination for tourists but also for studying abroad. Italians are renowned thanks to the stereotype of speaking too loud and too much. But they are very friendly people that will help you however they can. Being one of the countries with the richest ancient history, you cannot miss Rome, Milano, Venice, or Florence.


This country leads Europe in many ways. Its marvelous educational system, together with cheap tuition fees make it the nº1 destination. This industry/research-based country is known by the stereotype of “workaholism”. Germany is, however, an extremely aware, sustainable and culture-friendly country. And of course, you can enjoy many varieties of beer in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Koln, or Stuttgart while you meet new people also studying abroad.


Spain is the great opposite of Germany: Spain has a hot climate and a culture of joy and happiness. Spain´s great coasts and landmarks make it one of the favorites for European tourists. Spanish carry the stereotype of being “lazy”. But if you meet one, you will see how hard-working Spanish people get to organize a great, fun party. Enjoy wine, fresh fruit, and olive oil while studying abroad in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Sevilla, or Valencia.


Unfortunately, not many people realize that Holland hosts a gem of European Tourism: Amsterdam. As much as you might like the city of canals, bikes, and weed, Holland is a small country with a lot of educational opportunities. The people in the Netherlands seem too picky and straight forward. But the Dutch are the entrepreneurs of Europe and have even managed to gain land to the sea! Visit the mills and nature of Maastricht, Rotterdam, or Utrecht and attend classes at cutting-edge universities.


You can find several countries that are cataloged as Scandinavians. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, mainly, but we could also include Finland, Iceland, and even Greenland. These are the descendants of Danes and Vikings and deal with very tough climate and very strange sun schedules. Even though they carry the stereotype of being tough or brute, they have very good educational systems and very innovative and minimalistic lifestyles. Studying Abroad in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, or Reykjavik is a challenge and will look great in any CV.

Need a hint?

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