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Where are you celebrating Halloween next year?

Thursday - October 27, 2016

Northern Europe is a world famous studies destination.

Is it thanks to the quality of the higher institutions or maybe there is something even more attractive…?

It´s the atmosphere that counts

You wish you could study at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft with Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron? Well, you are not the only one but there´s actually a great number of international students that can enjoy a pretty mysterious and fairylike scenery university life.


Northern Europe, cold, sophisticated and a little bit spooky, has the most beautiful cities and the most magnificent universities that host the future leaders from all over the world. But do these talented students spend their whole time preparing themselves for the upcoming exams in the stunning rich old libraries?


Student life
behind the scenes

You can imagine that the answer is not…
When the rest of the seemingly quiet cities go to bed, the sharp minds close the books. Moving quietly through the shadowy, foggy streets, they are now starting getting ready for the long heavy winter. Hidden parties, private creative discussions, unique experiences that you are always invited to experience: It’s going to be good fun…


Halloween in the Northern Europe

The new semester starts with Halloween and the students of the North part of Europe have nothing to be jealous of their friends in the USA, the main home country of the celebration. They have all they need in their own university country that they now call home:

» The haunted United Kingdom: In the UK the students go mad for the whole October like in the USA. Pumpkins, horror films and books are all over the place. Parties at bars, clubs and restaurants take place not only every weekend, but also during the week, and there´s no chance you´ll be able to escape from them….

» Chilling Scandinavia: Beautifully decorated gardens, witches and zombies are waiting for the guests at the warm minimalistic students´ houses. The cold weather and the amazing landscapes contribute towards their need to celebrate Halloween at home, but is home a safe place for a party…?

» Dark Germany: Halloween has become increasingly popular in Germany and the big cities know how to scare their guests by offering horror walking tours. University theme parties in every corner of the country throughout October keep the students creative and busy looking for the perfect mischief night.


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halloween-in-northern europe

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