Here at TheStudyAbroadPortal we ask ourselves this question very often: What kind of people study abroad? Anyone can register for a program, take a plane and -effectively- study abroad. But at the same time, it is not for everyone. Some strengths and values you will need, and many others you will find along the way. And what are they, exactly? Let´s find out:


All in all, one needs to be very decisive to embark in such an adventure. You are going to go through many new situations, and you might have to deal with them alone. This is a vital process in becoming an adult, and you will soon feel how your self-esteem has improved. So if you lack part of that initial strength, you can compensate with faith. After all, everything will be alright.


Not everyone values the importance of having fun. But if you sometimes find yourself trying to cheer others up, or not get bored, you are a clear candidate. Students go abroad to study, but also to live experiences, and if you are a fun person, you will surely drive people around yourself.


The virtue of standing your ground, or helping others do, in the calmest and most rational way possible. Once you have established yourself, you will soon feel that life (and studying) is a competition. As much as you will need to be flexible, you will encounter tough situations to be calm but stand your ground. Again, those attributes constitute adulthood.


It is often thought that people have to be strong to withstand challenges. But if you think about it, it is not the strongest trees that survive strong winds, but those that are more flexible and can return to their original position after the storm. Studying is hard for many, and only if you can overcome student years with attitude will you find the strength to embark in such an experience as Studying Abroad.

So if you think you are not the type of people that studies abroad, it is also important to address a topic that is very concerning for some:

You do not have to be the best student of your class to go abroad.

Some of us find it difficult to understand the point of some subjects, or of education itself since it is an obligation as much as it is a human right. For those of you who struggle to find motivation, Studying Abroad is a great way of going through catharsis, and therefore finding what you love about a certain degree or career. The decision process itself, and the exposure to a new culture, campus, and educational system can help you understand and compare. Learning about other people´s stories will also imprint a certain character in you.

If you are adventurous or if you want to secure your future, if you are craving for a new life or if you are concerned about the labor market, if you want to know different people or be more competitive, all of those make you eligible for a program abroad. After all, if you keep thinking about enjoying every minute but also worry about your future, you should know that it is possible! You are the kind of person that Studies Abroad.

Meet Elisabeta.

She has the perfect profile for Studying Abroad. She watched one of our webinars and is going to embark on the trip of her life. This is what she told us about herself:

Hello everyone. My name is Elisabeta, I am from a small country called Albania, I am 21 years old and I am studying Marketing Management. I am a very active person and want to experience new things that help me grow and learn about other cultures. I would love to collaborate with many people from different countries and to try adding more value to society. That is why I decided to Study Abroad and I feel this is a great opportunity for me. I am a very social person and cannot wait to meet new people and share my experience and thoughts with them. Success belongs to those who fight for their dreams! Thank you so much!

Elisabeta M.

Elisabeta will surely have the strength and skill to succeed in whatever she wants to. When we were talking about our Online Open Days about universities, she mentioned that it was very helpful to hear the thoughts of last year´s students, since both their experience and attitude made her very eager to Study Abroad. The way they addressed their practical tasks and collective assignments really show the reality of any university. These students` energy and positive mindset are contagious.

Do not wait until it is too late for you. Studying Abroad is a life-changing experience. And do not be scared by it: whichever skills you do not have yet, you will gain with time. You can turn into a better version of yourself in a year or less. Check many Study Abroad Opportunities here.