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Every day, thousands of students ready to Study Abroad surf on the internet seeking a Master or Bachelor to study.

We all know this process takes time, effort and in most cases, we end up with a bunch of registrations for random websites. And that means receiving a lot of daily emails with information that likely we don’t need or don’t suit our needs.

Because of my own experience, I know the situation will be the following. After a couple of weeks, you are still at the starting point as the first day, with no idea where to study and the email account full of messages and ads.

But wait, now I have good news for you. The solution is just here! Webinars4you 

You are likely wondering what Webinars4you is about and why you should choose it instead of other million websites.

This blog post describes how Webinars4you can benefit you!

Let’s start from the beginning…


Webinars4you is a Portal that helps you to find out the right University that fits better your needs and requirements. For this reason, it shows you a big range of different campus located worldwide and clearly the study programs they are offering. Moreover, our portal is deeply oriented in offering you the fastest but detailed way to find your next exciting location and study program in order to become more aware of your future studies.

Now the magic is coming!

Above all, Webinars4you brings you 100s of free Online Open Days, informative sessions (a Webinar) in which you can connect with personnel from your favourite university or business school and make inquiries about content, fees, procedures etc.

Now that I gave you a short but clear idea about Webinars4you, it’s time to go through the portal’s benefits and functionalities.


As I just mentioned above, Webinars4you gives you the chance to join free and interactive Online Open Days as well as potential students from around the world to get to know different Universities, Colleges and Business Schools, ask questions and make an informed decision about future studies.

Above all, it represents a huge opportunity in terms of finding out Bachelor/Master’s programs and evaluating different study options. In this way, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your future. In fact, as you sign up for a Webinar you will be directed into an Online Platform where you can interact with the University. Moreover, you have the chance to:

  • Ask questions trough Q&A Panel
  • Get Information about the program, tuition & fees, campus benefits etc.….
  • Hear Student’s testimonies
  • Interact with Experts

Furthermore, we are providing 2 different kinds of Online Open Days:

  1. Live: webinar on a specific date and hour
  2. OnDemand: recorded webinar

For both webinars, you have always the chance to join them whenever you want (and they are free!!).

Read our blog post regarding What is an Online Open Day – Learn more about the functionalities of the Webinars!

online open days


Webinars4you has been developed to ensure you a smooth and easy navigation. For this reason, you will find all the Online Open Days with an accessible path. Moreover, the Portal is divided into sections by

  • Country
  • Type of Program
  • Field of study
  • University
  • University looking for you

As you imagine, you will be provided with all the updated universities’ programs and general information. You just need a bunch of clicks and bum! All the information you need will fall in front of your screen!

Moreover, you have another section called “How it Works” where you can figure out the portal functions (but I guess with this blog post you will be already able to use it). At the bottom of the website, we are also providing you with further information such as…

  • About Us
  • Student testimonials
  • Partner
  • Social Network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Contact Us

In short, we are giving you all useful tips needed to jump into Webinars4you and find out the right university to study abroad!

Last but not least, you can find the Blog Section were constantly blog posts are published, giving then to students the chance to learn more about studying abroad.


Besides the Online Open Days, Webinars4you has a section called Blog, where you can find many Post about studying abroad. This section helps students a lot. In fact, you will find several Blog Posts regarding:

  • Destinations
  • Study Abroad Tips
  • Why study at a University
  • General Benefits

I strongly suggest taking a look at the Blog Section. You will find curious, refreshing and interesting blog posts with which you can build up a clearer idea about where to study and which university choose for your future career and life. Blog posts are written with different styles, ensuring you both funny and practical tips before deciding to study abroad. Concluding, I’d underline Webinars4you got the 7th place between 75 awarded Study Abroad Blogs worldwide.

blog the study abroad portal

Here you can find all the Blog Posts


Until here, I showed you all the awesome benefits Webinars4you provides to the student. 

But remember… The aim of the portal is also to helps universities to find new and valuable students!

In fact, by giving the chance to interact with students, Online Webinars are built up to “promote” universities and business schools’ programs. In this way, Universities’ image will improve as well as increase the likelihood to enrol new students worldwide. In other words, the portal directly promotes Universities’ Masters & Bachelors by new Online Webinars consistently coming out.

Two for one benefit then!!

USPs (Unique Selling Points)!

Last but not least, to answer Why Webinars4you here are the 4 reasons why:

  1. Engaging Webinars: We offer fully produced/ moderated Webinars, which can take place Live or On-demand (both require no plug in to watch and are mobile friendly, unlike e.g. Zoom/ Webex etc.). The platform is completely customized to the University look and feel and include also Chapters for easy viewing and e.g. Q&A still work even in the recording!
  2. IP-GeoTargeting: We connect the right audience with the right University. That way we ensure everybody is happy 🙂 We do this via our vast network of >230k followers in Social media, our Portal/ database, blog and various worldwide Partner websites.
  3. Guaranteed success: by doing this we can guarantee the University a minimum amount of qualified registrations, as well as ensure the students are able to view it anytime, anywhere. Both meet the requirements so, again, success is only a natural next step.
  4. Qualification calls: in order to help determine the quality we call all registrations and help convert the leads to apply. This not only helps the University, but also potential candidates get support in viewing the webinar, getting their questions answered and can be put in touch with the Staff when ready to apply!

Now that you know how Webinars4you works, it’s time to find out the University perfect for you!

Let’s read our Blog Post & Join Online Webinars – Universities are waiting for you!

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