Thousands of students browse the internet every day looking for masters and bachelors to study. They might be looking for their favourite degree, thinking about Studying Abroad, or just browsing to get information about scholarships and tuition fees. They might very clearly know what they want to study or be full of doubts. That is why we are so proud to present them with our Online Open Days. But not everyone understands the concept immediately. Therefore, we are now presenting you with: “What is an Online Open Day?”

In just a few words, an Online Open Day is an informative session (a webinar) in which you can connect with personnel from your favourite university or business school and make inquiries about content, fees, procedures etc. This is very useful if you live far away from such University (as far as “across the ocean”). You will also be presented with a general description of one or more programs and other related topics. The Online Open Days we promote are free for everyone to register, since we want everybody to have a chance to Study Abroad!

Let´s look at the term up close:

  • Online means you can access it from your computer, cell phone, or tablet. It is a short video presentation with members of the Uni staff and our moderator. But Online also means you can watch it later if you do not have time now!
  • Open Day is, just like in any other situation, a day in which you are invited to take part and discover everything about a certain program or group of programs. But Open Day also means that it is free for anyone to join.

Let´s also see how an Online Open Day is different to anything else around:

An Online Open Day is not an educational fair: you do not have to walk through a crowded stadium where 50 universities are handling out brochures and leaflets. You do not need to shout to speak with the representatives, and most importantly, you do not have to travel to different locations to attend!

An Online Open Day is not a virtual fair. You do not miss information because the presentation is too broad: Virtual Fairs are often shared amongst several universities and lack the personal touch of an expert taking care of you.

An Online Open Day is not a portal. You do not lack the personal attention and care of recruiters, something that is normally missing in portals. You can easily follow the information, pause and go forward depending on your pace. And you can ask anything you need to get live feedback!

If that is true, what is there in an Online Open Day?


When you join an Online Open Day you can see and hear the testimonies of some experts. Normally, we would include a recruiter or marketer, a teacher or program director and a student or alumni. This is the best combination between registration questions, program questions and practical questions. You wouldn´t do without those staff members, but sometimes it´s the ex-student that can answer the questions better.


Although we have explained “on-demand” more than enough, there are some details that need further explanation: Most webinars are “live”. This means that you can connect at a certain day and time, and not before. You definitely can re-watch the session if you missed it, but today´s generations have a very tailored taste. That is why we also do On-Demand webinars, where you can watch it whenever you want.


In our Online Open Days you can find a moderator that introduces the session and guides it throughout. Our moderator and producer, Simon, has done more than 600 webinars, and uses this experience to get the most out of university members, while entertaining you.


The webinar is here to answer any question you might have before wanting to go to study. Most typical questions are about the theoretical and practical weight of matter, the amount and type of exams, the admission requirements, the tuition fees and scholarships, student life and living costs… even public transport in the city and VISA related questions!

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