What are the current and future jobs of the Metaverse (and how to get those!)

Friday - February 4, 2022

Nike, Gucci or Facebook already have job offers for the metaverse, which anticipates great potential for certain types of new virtual professions

By live silver 02/03/2022

If tech companies have their way, the next iteration of the Internet will involve heavy use of augmented and virtual reality for gaming, entertainment, socializing, and work. Pundits aren’t necessarily convinced by the hype given to the metaverse, but Meta, currently a €770 billion company(a bit less than a couple of days ago..) is betting its future on this idea. Grayscale, a cryptocurrency asset manager, estimates that the metaverse could represent a $1 trillion annual revenue opportunity between ads, digital assets and events. And where there is earning potential, there are jobs for those with an appetite for adventure.

In October, Meta announced plans to hire 10,000 people to help build the metaverse in technical fields such as engineering, design, and product management. Daniel García, founder of Cryptoavatars, explains how he has managed to make a living designing avatars and virtual settings for the metaverse At the time of this writing, Facebook has 25 job postings that explicitly mention the metaverse. These include that of a hardware product manager who helps create new devices such as augmented reality smart glasses and other wearable devices, and that of a director of technical program management who “drives the development” of worlds, content and avatars of the metaverse.

Andy Wilkinson, Facebook’s recruiting director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, recently told Business Insider that the company sees the metaverse as “the next version of the internet.” Separately, Microsoft has a job opening for a senior program director for its Mesh virtual reality platform. The job posting reads: “Our technology goes beyond screens and pixels, creating a new reality meant to bring us closer, whether scientists ‘meet’ on the surface of a virtual Mars or through some other possibility. even imagined.”

Roblox , the wildly popular game and virtual world creation platform, is even deeper into the metaverse, adding this term to the 258 open positions for the company. Javier Arrés, from serving drinks to earning more than a million euros as a crypto artist: “NFTs are a misunderstood technology” These range from engineering to talent recruitment. High-level Roblox employees earn more than $400,000 in base salary, and Chief Technology Officer Daniel Sturman has explained that all positions are “geared toward enabling metaverse experiences.” Although most of the roles mentioned focus on creating each company’s version of the metaverse, experts believe that new jobs could emerge from the metaverse itself. “The applications that we are seeing now that have a gamification component, which is a clear value,” says UCL professor Jean-Philippe Vergne. “Online video games, clearly, fashion shows and entertainment-related events like virtual concerts, 3D concerts and live music, things like that, are going to be the future.”

Nike has job openings in the US geared towards the metaverse, including a virtual materials designer to create Nike’s futuristic and virtual products, and a senior 3D game designer/metaverse engineer. Business Insider has already reported in detail on plans with Nike’s metaverse, especially in the wake of what remains black on white in its latest filed patents. “To think that by abandoning this real world to take refuge in a world without restrictions we can achieve happiness is misleading”, according to Carlos Blanco, one of the most recognized Spanish philosophers.

Fashion house Balenciaga has a vacancy for a meta business coordinator in Paris for its newly created metaverse department. Gucci is also looking for a Web3 manager in Milan to focus on NFT sales. Nick Pringle, creative director of the R/GA agency, anticipates “enormous business interest in these spaces.” This also underlines the rise of speculative assets such as NFTs while ideas such as players being able to earn cryptocurrencies or tokens while playing are taking hold. As fashion brands embrace the metaverse, more and more jobs will call for virtual event managers, immersion managers and product managers, says Pringle. “You’re going to need people who understand the nuances and sophistication of balancing both the virtual and real portfolios,” he says. “So we will see remarkable growth”.

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