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Why study a Master’s at Linköping University in Sweden?!

Wednesday - October 19, 2022

Sweden is know for it´s open culture, high-tech and planning culture. This makes Sweden the perfect spot to study a program in any of these fields.

Besides, did you know that Linköping is the aviation capital of Sweden and one of the few aviation cities in the world? This makes Linköping a great city to study both engineering and sustainable business, as Linköping University offers a variety of programs in these fields, amongst others. We are hightlighting some of them below!


With no tuition fees for EU/EEA and Switzerland citizens, Linköping University programs attract people from all over Sweden and from many places throughout the world . A degree from Linköping University will provide you with a competitive edge as the programme involves a project in the later part when all the disciplines learned within the master’s degree come together and challenge students to design, build and fly an aircraft, or a subscale version of it.


Master in Cyber Security:

Become a cybersecurity expert with a Master’s degree from Linköping University

Cybersecurity is now a top priority for critical infrastructure providers, healthcare providers and political leaders alike. You have a chance to become an expert in the field and help protect the future society. Listen to this webinar and learn about the unique opportunities to deepen your knowledge and sharpen your skills through a master’s degree at Linköping University. You will also learn about the excellent and interesting job opportunities that will come with this degreeIT infrastructures in smart energy and transport systems, problems with segregation, and the urban-rural relationship, are just a few challenges that urban and regional planning must respond to and manage in a long- term sustainable perspective. The programme offers training in urban and regional planning, with a focus on strategic planning.

LiU’s new Master’s programme is the first of its type in Sweden. You will learn how to design strategies and policies, how to manage projects and processes and plan on a more comprehensive level. You will also learn how to use digital tools such as those used in visualization and scenario analysis. The programme has a special focus on regional development challenges in European countries.

Find out more by signing up for the Webinar (Live on November 10th or On-demand anytime afterwards!):


The Master in Sustainable Management:

The programme challenges you to undertake critical analysis of present and future environmental concerns, apply scientific knowledge across academic disciplines, and develop interdisciplinary competence. Your training will enable you to develop skills to interpret, design, communicate, and implement solutions to sustainability and environmental challenges, which will be indispensable for your future career as a sustainable development expert. 

Check out the webinar here!

The intended audience are students with background in natural, social, health sciences, humanities or engineering.


The Master in BioMedical Engineering:

In this webinar, the programme coordinator of the master’s programme in Biomedical Engineering and a former student discuss different aspects of the programme as well as studying at Linköping University and living in Sweden.

The programme includes engineering, biology and medicine and gives you the skills to lead modern research and engineering in the field of life science technology.


Check out the Webinar here: 


Join our Webinars to learn more about:


1. The program overview and Why Linköping University

2. the challenges related to climate change, globalisation, urbanisation, digitalisation and social inequality

3. The programme requirements and how to apply

5. Potential career opportunities after graduation

Notice that all Webinars are available to join both Live and On-demand!

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