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Dear Students, We at Web2Present have ventured into a whole new Webinar area (Webinar = web based informational session).

In our Student Webinar series we will bring together, in a virtual environment, Universities/business schools looking for students and young people looking for their next study opportunity abroad. This means that you as a student can log on to a free online live informational session and hear what a specific School has to offer you without you having to travel anywhere. The school will present itself, a specific study program and typically and old student will talk about his/her experiences with that school. You are encouraged to ask questions to find out if that specific school might be something for you or not. In the first webinar which is scheduled for the 27th of November at 18.00 CET/17.00 GMT we have the pleasure of presenting ESEI International Business School Barcelona that will present its ‘Master In Business Management‘ starting in the new year.

Should you find that topic interesting, and have you not registered yet, we welcome you to do so right here: We also welcome you to forward the link to anyone you know who might find it interesting. Other webinars are on their way! In February/March we will have the following Schools present themselves to potential students: ESCP Europe, Kozminski University (Poland), Sorbonne University and Globis University (Japan). More information will follow about that over the next few weeks so be sure to join us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated! We need your feedback!

  • Have you ever participated such a student webinar before?
  • What do you think about the actual concept this type of webinar?
  • Would you be less likely, more likely or equally likely to join a specific school because you have participated in an interactive live webinar with them as opposed to just reading about them online?

Any feedback you can give us is greatly appreciated and will help us serve you better with our Student Webinars.

Thank you, the Web2Present Team