Stop ProcrastinatingProcrastination is an easy way that all of us get stuck. And yet, we may not even realize we’re doing it. When we unknowingly act like an avoider, we create reasons in our heads that supply us with enough logic that we can delay the task at hand, sometimes indefinitely.

Typically, procrastination leads to rushing around to meet a deadline. This can cause emotional stress as the deadline begins to bump up against all the other things you have to do. And emotional stress can lead to physical symptoms, such as lack of sleep, pain, muscle tension, and in the long run, chronic disease.

To avoid procrastination try these 4 ways to stop procrastinating:

1. Change your scenary.  Different places have different effects on our productivity. Try to identify the environment that suits better to you, that place that increase your productivity and don’t distract you like other places. Is it the library? Is it the coffee shop? Is it the park? Figure it out as soon as possible ; )

2. Keep a detailed to-do list. It’s really important that always you keep this to-do list with specific deadlines, without deadlines you will keep yourself procrastinating, trust me!.

3. Get rid of your Social Media. Internet is the king of distraction! If you can’t start working because you are enough distracted with facebook, Linked in or another social media, close your browser!. You’ll have plenty time after have finished your tasks to catch up with the social networks.

4. Find someone who’s already achieved the same goals. This will help you to keep yourself highly motivated! This is the living proof that your goal is achievable. Always remember your work has a purpose!