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Tuesday - August 31, 2021

If you look up the definition of ´emerging markets´ in 2021 you will quickly learn that these include the fast growing economies of India, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, and Brazil. The highest contender China has four of the world´s largest banks operating from Shanghai. HSBC, which is the 5th largest bank on the planet, does most of its business from China. There are key micro and macro economic factors that will be having an impact on the growth of certain markets as well as the development of the ´Corona-recession´ and its impact. In this post we will focus on 2 major economies on the world stage being Russia and Saudi Arabia. The latter ones is especially interesting as Webinars4you will host a live session on September 16th to address the opportunity to study ´STEM´ for FREE. This includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math studies. Find more information here: 

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The 2nd highlighted country is Russia, a country that entered into recession in 2015 due to falling oil prices and harsher western economic sanctions,however the latest statistics from The World Bank shows a steady 2% growth in GDP since 2017, and despite a setback in 2020 is expected to bounce back in 2021.

Why study in Russia?

You might have different associations when someone mentions Russia. It is one of the strongest countries in the world with great scientists, sports athletes, and a strong military. Russia is also a country with the largest territory in the world that stretches from the German borders all over to Japan and the United States.

The nation, therefore, presents a mixture of different cultures and traditions. That affects different aspects of Russian life, and you can see those in architecture, lifestyle, cuisine, and other similar customs.

Metropolises and Large Cities

Russia is also a very popular study destination, with leading Universities such as Higher School of Economics and Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg´s Polytecnic as well as State University, besides various well-established institutes in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kazan and Sochi (known for the olympics). With millions of visits on a yearly basis, all three places are unique in their own way. The first is the capital city of Russia with approximately 12 million citizens. The territory of the place is also very large so Moscow is one of the largest metropolises in the entire world. There are many important objects, monuments, buildings, and locations in the city. These were often made in a unique architectural style so they are quite different from ordinary objects. Such locations typically leave a very strong impression on visitors, and it is always a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

Saint Petersburg’s specifications are pretty similar. The city is not as big as Moscow, but it still has 5 million residents. The figure puts this place in second place when it comes to the size of the metropolis. Saint Petersburg has been the main seaport of the country for centuries. It has a strategic position on the Baltic Sea near the borders of other European countries. The city is also home to a large number of remarkable, amazing, and historically important objects, buildings, locations and monuments.

Undiscovered Tourist Gems

Russia indeed has a large number of such tourist gems, and they are an excellent opportunity for all travelers. Some of the amazing locations are still undiscovered by visitors. Many of the areas in Russia are hardly approachable so they are out of reach of most. However, those who know what and where to look might have enough luck to discover such places.

The list of these is long too. Tikhaya Bay, the City of Dead, and Mendeleev Volcano are some of such places. The first from this list is truly extraordinary. The bay is located on Sakhalin Island, and you can find a long and large abandoned beach that goes all over the coast. These are surrounded by amazing nature so the visitors can really enjoy the sight and experience. No one is actually living or visiting the place so it is entirely reserved for the luckiest tourists. If you have enough time and resources, you can arrive here despite the distance and other potential obstacles. That would certainly be an unforgettable adventure you should not avoid.

Simple procedure to obtain Tourist Visa

It is also good to know Russia is an open country. Foreign visitors need an appropriate visa in order to get access within the borders, but it is usually easy to obtain such a travel document. There are different types of visas including tourist visas, work visas, business visas, and others. The requirements for these might be different, but that’s not very important. The tourists should ask for the first type. They have to visit the nearest embassy or consulate in their countries to start the procedure.

Procedure and necessary Documents

The authorities will then ask to fill appropriate forms and provide necessary documents to apply a visa. These usually include a valid passport, two photos, and a Russian invitation. The procedure is usually just a formality, and you should finish it in a few days. It is, of course, necessary to provide all the authorities ask from you. The passport should be valid for at least next year so you should definitely replace it if the expiration date is very near. That’s the best way to avoid any troubles during the application. Tourist visas are usually issued very fast so the time frame might range from several days to two-three week

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