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Throughout your Uni years, you will discover some stereotypes that repeat everywhere you go. Be advised, these are not as simple as the ones you knew from high school. We all grow and develop our new complexities and nuances.

Also, these are not typical cinema stereotypes! People studying uni now were born around 2000, while the classic stereotypical movies come from the ’90s. Things have changed, and so have students! Grunge gave way to Emo, and then to Hipster. Before, it was trendy to be a rockstar. Then, a footballer. Later, a DJ. And now, a youtuber. So here is our first take on university classmate stereotypes, hope you enjoy.

Classmate Stereotypes

Sporty Simon

  • Plays every sport
  • Always shows his abs
  • Forgets the dates of exams

Selfie Sarah

  • Goes to school by Uber
  • Has owned every model of iPhone
  • Never has the same friends each year

Tactical Thomas

  • Wears combat boots in summer
  • Sits close to emergency exits
  • Constantly deletes pictures of him on Facebook

 VideoGame Victoria

  • Rarely attends class
  • Always uses Prezi for class presentations
  • Only posts pictures of Comic-Con and Fortnite

Beauty Brian

  • Shaves three times a day
  • Has not played cello since he was 15
  • Has more Instagram followers than his girlfriend

Fiesta Fred

  • Lives at the student association
  • Wins every beer drinking contest
  • Owes everyone money

Mommy Monica

  • Manages to bring her daughter to class
  • Wears yoga pants every day
  • Asks for scholarships

Hungry Harry

  • Adapts his schedule to the cafeteria
  • Never stops munching
  • Cannot grow a beard

Indie Ian

  • Has paint stains in every t-shirt
  • Owns a pet iguana
  • Has a pineapple tattoo

Do you know anyone that looks like these university classmate stereotypes? Did we miss any? Comment below! Watch our recommended Online Open Days and chose a degree or masters so that you can meet more people like this.